The Covisint® API Javascript client

What is cui.js?

Cui.js is an extensible library that provides clean methods for authenticating to, and calling Covisint RESTful APIs. It handles repetitive and cumbersome tasks related to API call construction, thereby liberating javascript developers to concentrate on writing the functional features of their Covisint-based App.

Without cui.js, the javascript App developer must directly manage all interactions with the APIs. This involves writing AJAX-based code that has to know the underlying details of every API call, and then be concerned with URL construction, parameters, request/response headers, and asynchronous communications, not to mention the semantics of five types of authentication.

With cui.js, the developer uses clean and convenient cui.js methods that handle all AJAX-related concerns for every API call, including authentication. And, because cui.js gathers its API call definitions externally, your App will not need a rebuild or redeploy to always call the latest versions of the Covisint APIs. Additionally, locally defined call definitions allow your App to use cui.js with 3rd-party APIs.


What does cui.js do for you?

Cui.js manages all the intricacies of AJAX calls, Tokens, and Promises, while faithfully preserving all underlying Covisint API features and behaviors. Technically speaking, cui.js

  • Handles authorization headers.
  • Handles accepts and content-type headers.
  • Handles access tokens (OAuth and/or JWT and/or Nonce).
  • Handles API calls to all Covisint APIs.
  • Handles custom calls to 3rd-party APIs.
  • Handles browser and/or node clients.